Standard sizes
Our murals can be ordered in 8 standard widths and 6 standard heights, 42 sizes per design!

195w x 240h/250h/260h/270h/280h/290h cm, on 4 sheets
243w x 240h/250h/260h/270h/280h/290h cm, on 5 sheets
292w x 240h/250h/260h/270h/280h/290h cm, on 6 sheets
340w x 240h/250h/260h/270h/280h/290h cm, on 7 sheets
389w x 240h/250h/260h/270h/280h/290h cm, on 8 sheets
438w x 240h/250h/260h/270h/280h/290h cm, on 9 sheets
487w x 240h/250h/260h/270h/280h/290h cm, on 10 sheets
535w x 240h/250h/260h/270h/280h/290h cm, on 11 sheets

All Mono wallpapers and the Pattern Forest Animals collection even come in 7 extra widths, from 4.5 sheets to 11 sheets.

If you want the wallpaper to be wall-fitting, you will need at least 2.5 cm (1") of extra wallpaper all around to be able to correct for any skewed walls. Add 5 cm to the exact length and width of your wall. We recommend this margin because walls are often not completely straight, sheets are sometimes not applied completely straight and there may be a little shrinkage during the production process. If you take a 5 cm margin, you can be sure that the wallpaper is not too small.

Tip: construction drawings sometimes contain wrong measurements, we recommend that you always measure the wall in the house.

If standard sizes do not work for you, we will be happy to make a custom wallpaper for you! We do this by modifying the design slightly, not by cutting out a part. Nothing gets distorted and we try to keep as many details as possible. The wallpaper looks best on a wall without a sloping wall, windows or doors, but we are always happy to think along with you about a solution!

We charge the required square metres at the regular square metre price plus a €150,- fee for customizing. With a minimum price of € 350 for each custom-made wallpaper.

Price = number of m2 x € 40 + € 150
Wall = 500w x 240h cm
Required wallpaper = 505w x 245h cm = 5.05 x 2.45 = 12.3725 m2
Price for this custom wallpaper = (12.37 m2 x € 40) + € 150 = € 644.80

Ordering customized wallpaper
If you want to order customized wallpaper or if you are wondering whether this is possible for your wall, please email us the exact dimensions of your wall and the wallpaper design you have in mind. If it is a sloping wall or if your wall has a door/window, please send us a sketch with measurements at Please write down the sizes in centimeters, you can convert inches to centimeters here.
If you ordered a custom mural from us via e-mail, Instagram or any other way, you will find your personal item below. Your order will be finalised when you order this item.

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