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I can't choose between the different designs / colors, do you have samples?
Yes, you can order a sample through our webshop by choosing 'sample 20x25' in the selection lists for the wallpaper(s) of your choice. A sample costs €1 excl. shipping. You can order multiple samples at the same time. A sample is a quarter of our wallpaper design, reduced to 20 x 25 cm. So you don't get a mini version of the whole wallpaper design.

Can I return the wallpaper if I do not like the color or material?
If you are not sure about the color, please order a sample first. All our wallpaper is printed to order. It is a shame in many ways to do this in vain.

Is your wallpaper FCS certified?
Yes, 'our' printing company has been officially FSC certified since April 2021! This means that the entire production chain meets the requirements of FSC and our wallpaper can carry the FSC quality mark. That's a nice feeling!

Is your wallpaper produced in an environmentally friendly way?
We do our best! Our wallpaper is printed in the Netherlands at an FSC-certified printing company. The building is partly heated with the residual heat from wallpaper production. Paper remnants are returned to the paper factory where it was purchased, where it is used as raw material for new wallpaper. The polyester fiber in the wallpaper meets the Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 standard, which means that it is free of formaldehyde and other volatile substances. The toner used to print our wallpaper is produced completely CO2-free and is Food approved. And our wallpaper is biodegradable.

Which wallpaper size do I need?
When choosing a wallpaper size, you can start with the size of your wall plus 5 cm in length and width, so 2.5 cm all around. This is the margin to compensate for any skewed walls, a small possible shrinkage during the production process or accidental misalignment ;-). If a wall is really skewed or just slanted, then you start from the widest and highest point and add 5 cm. You cut away the rest of the wallpaper. If you have a plinth at the bottom of your wall, you do not have to include that height in the total height of the wall, after all, you are not going to stick wallpaper to it.

If it turns out that I have made a measurement error, can I still order additional sheets?
The wallpaper is not expandable. The different sizes all have a unique design, so it is not possible to reorder a sheet afterwards. It is therefore important to measure well in advance, preferably do it in pairs. You will not be the first to order a sheet (or 2 sheets) too few due to a measurement or writing error. Tip: construction drawings sometimes contain wrong measurements, we advise you to always measure the wall in the house. 

Can I also order your wallpaper to size?
That's not possible, but in most cases you can use one of the many standard sizes. The Mono and Pattern wallpaper is available in 15 width and 6 height sizes!

Your standard size is higher than my wall, now what?
You can choose a height of 240 cm and cut away the bit you don't need. If you don't want to do that, you can choose a wall sticker or wallpaper circle.

What is the production time of my order?
The production time is 4-8 business days. Orders placed up to and including Monday will be printed the same week and shipped no later than Thursday. Delivery time depends on destination. As soon as your order has been shipped, you will receive an automated email with a track & trace code, so you can track your package. 

What material is Pimpelmees wallpaper made of?
Our wallpaper is made of a very good quality non-woven wallpaper (extra matt, 165 grams). This non-woven wallpaper is much stronger than regular wallpaper (made of paper).

Should I apply the glue to the sheets or to the wall?
Our wallpaper is non-woven wallpaper, you apply glue to the wall and not the wallpaper. So you no longer need a wallpaper table. It is therefore much easier to apply than traditional wallpaper. Guaranteed success! Please note: with wallpaper circles you apply the glue to the sheets, with wallpaper you apply the glue to the wall! More information.

Which wallpaper glue do you recommend?
Perfax Ready & Roll Vlies (pink), Metylan Vlies or Roman PRO-880 Ultra Clear. It is available in most specialty wallpaper stores and DIY stores. The smallest bucket (2.25 kg) is enough for up to 15m2. You can also choose a different brand, as long as it is suitable for non-woven wallpaper.

Does the wall have to be white before I apply the wallpaper?
Especially if you opt for a light-colored wallpaper (for example the Forest Animals wallpaper), we recommend that you make the wall smooth and white. Otherwise there is a chance that you will see the color of the wall (or any stains) through the wallpaper.

My wall is (might be) damp, is this a problem?
Moisture in the wall can cause stains and/or the wallpaper to adhere less well. It is therefore very important that the wall is completely dry and that there are no damp spots before the wallpaper is applied.

Can I apply the wallpaper to a textured wall?
Yes, you can, but you have to smoothen the wall first. You can do this (yourself) with a special paste. For example 'MuurGlad' from Alabastine. After smoothening the wall, it is important that the wall is pre-treated with a primer. If the walls are not pre-treated, the glue will soak into the wall too quickly and the wallpaper will not adhere properly. More information.

I would like to apply the wallpaper to a wooden plate so that I can take it with me to our new home. Is that possible?
Yes, it is! We advise you to use a MDF board, because MDF is very smooth. After this, the panel must be properly pre-treated with a primer and -for the best result- painted white.

Can I stick Pimpelmees wallpaper on new walls?
New walls and fresh stucco must be pre-treated with a primer or wall paint. In the case of non-pretreated walls, the adhesive penetrates the wall too quickly and the wallpaper does not stick to the wall very well.

Can I apply Pimpelmees wallpaper over other wallpaper?
It is possible to paste over old wallpaper, but we really don't recommend it. Air will probably get behind the old wallpaper as soon as you start gluing the wall. And there's a chance it won't go away completely. You can easily apply our wallpaper over renovlies/glass fiber wallpaper. You cannot apply our wallpaper and wallpaper circles over fiberglass wallpaper.

What if I have skewed a sheet?
Because it takes a while for the glue to dry, you can easily peel off a crooked sheet and apply it to the wall again. The wallpaper is sturdy enough for that.

Is your wallpaper easy to remove?
Yes, it is! Even after years, you can easily pull the wallpaper off the wall. Do this carefully, because sometimes pieces of wallpaper do not come off at once. If some wallpaper remains, you can carefully cut it off with a putty knife. The wall becomes smooth again and you can apply new wallpaper.

What do I need to be able to apply wallpaper to a wall?
You need special wallpaper glue for wallpapering non-woven wallpaper. For example, Perfax Ready & Roll Vlies, the pink variant for non-woven wallpaper. If you choose a glue that needs to be mixed with water, you also need a bucket. You also need scissors to cut the sheets apart, a large brush or roller to distribute the glue on the wall, a spirit level to apply the first strip perpendicular, a sharp utility knife and ruler to cut the wallpaper edges after application and a cloth to remove adhesive residue immediately. A wallpaper spatula is also useful for smoothing the wallpaper nicely. More information.

I have a dollhouse and would like to use Pimpelmees wallpaper in it, is that possible?
Absolutely! Especially for all dollhouse lovers, we have made a free download. This includes our popular Forest animals wallpaper and a Forest animals wallpaper circle!

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What material are the wall stickers made of?
Our wall stickers are made of the least adhesive material that you can use to make wall stickers. This material does not break when you pull it off the wall and does not leave any glue residue. This makes the sticker repositionable, if the surface allows it, try this very carefully.

What is the difference between a wallpaper circle and a wall sticker?
The wallpaper circles are made of wallpaper and therefore have a paper look. You apply the sheets with wallpaper glue. The wall stickers are made of a matte, smooth material, which gives them a slightly tighter look. The wall stickers can be applied a bit faster because you don't need any glue.

How do I apply a wallpaper circle to my wall?
This is easier than it may seem! We explain it on our instructions page.

Which wallpaper glue do you recommend for applying wallpaper circles?
Perfax Ready & Roll (the pink packaging) is ideal for applying our wallpaper circles. It is available in most wallpaper specialty stores and DIY stores. Up to and including 15m2, the smallest bucket is enough (2.25 kg).

You can also choose another brand, as long as it is suitable for non-woven wallpaper. Please note: with wallpaper circles you apply the glue to the sheets, with wallpaper you apply the glue to the wall! Make sure you apply the glue thinly and don't leave the strips for too long so that the strips don't get wet and heavy. Paste for non-woven wallpaper is somewhat thicker and firmer than paste from the past. More information.

My wall is not smooth, can I stick a wall sticker on it?
No, but we do have a solution! We offer our designs on 3 mm thick dibond. This is a very durable sheet material and has a matte finish. You can choose between 100 and 120 cm diameter. Mounting material is included. Would you like to order a design on dibond? Then choose this option under 'wall stickers'. Please note: we can only ship dibond within the Netherlands.

What is dibond?
Dibond is a very durable sheet material with a matte finish. It is a three-layer sandwich panel. The material consists of two aluminum outer layers with a polyethylene core layer in between. The image is printed on the dibond plate. An excellent solution if a wall sticker on your wall is not possible (see question above).

Can I apply a wallpaper circle over existing wallpaper?
It is possible to apply it over old wallpaper, but we really don't recommend it. Air bubbles may form under the wallpaper. You can easily apply our wallpaper circles over new renovation fleece / glass fiber wallpaper. You can't apply our wallpaper circles over fiberglass wallpaper.

Can I stick Pimpelmees wall stickers on wallpaper?
Probably yes, but it's best to test that with a sample. You can order a sample in our webshop. Just choose the design you like and then choose ‘sample’ in the selection list(s).

Can I stick the wall sticker on wooden sheet material such as plywood or plywood if my walls are not smooth?
In principle, yes, but you will first have to finish the wood by sanding it and painting it with a varnish or latex, preferably two layers. Otherwise the sticker will not adhere well enough. In this case you can of course also opt for the design on dibond, for a great result. This option is in the selection list of the wall sticker of your choice. Please note: we can only ship dibond within the Netherlands.

Can I easily remove the wall stickers?
Yes definitely. You can easily remove the wall stickers. Sometimes, if the sticker has been on your wall for a while, you can pull off small pieces of wall paint. You can largely prevent this by first heating the sticker with a hair dryer. The adhesive layer then heats up, making it easier to peel off the sticker. Do this carefully, otherwise your wall may still be damaged.

Do you also have smaller wall stickers than can be seen in the webshop?
No, all available sizes are on the website.

If I order a smaller size wall sticker or wallpaper circle, will parts of the design be lost?
No, then the entire design will be reduced. Nothing disappears.

What is the production time for the wall stickers and wallpaper circles?
The production time for the wall stickers is 4-5 working days. The production time for the wallpaper circles is 5-10 working days. Orders up to and including Monday are printed, cut and shipped the same week. As soon as your order has been shipped, you will receive an automated email with a track & trace code, so you can track your package.

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What are the shipping costs?
That depends on the product and the destination. More information about the shipping costs. Please note: If you order from outside the EU, you do not pay the VAT to us, but upon receipt of the package. In addition, import duties may apply. We cannot give you any information about these rules and costs. Please check this on the local government and/or customs websites.

How can I pay your products?
You can pay in our webshop with iDeal, Bancontact, Belfius, SofortBanking / DIRECTebanking, KBC / BCB, Apple Pay, Mastercard and VISA. 

Which paint colors go well with your wallpaper (circles) and wall stickers?
That of course depends on your personal taste, but we have listed some ideas! View our color advice.

Which products do you make?
We have 3 collections of wallpaper (Collage, Mono and Pattern) and we also make wallpaper circles and wall stickers.

Can I return products?
That depends on the product. Learn more about our shipping and return policy.

We would like to have blankets and sheets with your designs on them, where can we buy those?
We have designed various children's products for Jollein, including blankets, sheets, bath capes and suitcases. These products can be ordered through Jollein. The products feature our Forest Animals design in pencil gray (the most popular wallpaper design for years) and they combine very well with all kinds of other colors.

Didn’t you have posters too?
That's right, we did sell these, but we don't sell them anymore. We still make wall stickers and wallpaper circles.

I work for a magazine/newspaper and would like to write about your products, do you have a press kit?
Would you like to write something about our products? Very nice! We are busy making a press kit. Would you like more information or images in the meantime? Please contact us.

Do you work with bloggers, vloggers & influencers?
Do you love our products and want to highlight something on your blog, Instagram profile or YouTube channel? Send us an email with your media kit, so we can see if we fit together. If we see possibilities based on your email, we will contact you.

I really like your designs, can you send me the design so I can use it for a cake/invitation etc?
While we are delighted that you like our designs, we only offer our designs on our products. 

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