Applying the wallpaper(circles) and wall stickers may seem difficult, but it is not. For the best result, follow these instructions:

1. Make sure the surface is smooth, clean and even in color, preferably white. Do not apply the new wallpaper over old wallpaper. Pencil on the wall will stain light wallpaper, remove it beforehand.

2. Neatly cut loose the numbered sheets of wallpaper and place them in a pile in sequence to check the picture of the wallpaper.

3. Apply the wallpaper adhesive evenly to the wall with a brush or roller, always slightly more than one sheet width. Use adhesive for non-woven or fleece wallpaper.

4. Apply the first sheet perpendicular. Use some cutting margin in both height and width. Smooth the sheet gently with your hands or with a clean wallpaper spatula.

5. Place the following sheets butting against it in the same way.

6. Remove any glue stains with a damp cloth and gently wipe dry with a dry cloth.

7. Let the wallpaper dry and cut away any excess with a sharp utility knife and ruler.

1. The wallpaper sheets have already been cut out in a circle in advance. Put them in order to check the picture of the wallpaper circle.

2. Make sure the surface is smooth and clean. Do not apply the wallpaper circle over old wallpaper.

3. Mark a plumb line on the wall to level the middle sheet. We recommend not to draw a pencil line on the wall, this can stain light wallpaper. Rather define the plumb line with two small marks on the wall.

4. Apply the adhesive for non-woven wallpaper to the middle wallpaper sheet. Make sure you apply the glue thinly and do not leave the sheet too long. Place the wallpaper sheet against the plumb line on the wall.

5. Carefully smooth out the sheet with your hands or a clean wallpaper spatula.

6. Place the rest of the sheets butting against it in the same way.

7. Remove any glue stains with a damp cloth and carefully wipe dry with a dry cloth.

1. Ask a friend to help you, you could use the extra hands.

2. Peel the top of the circle a couple of inches off the backing and fold the backing down.

3. Place this piece as level as possible on the wall.

4. Now rub the sticker against the wall while at the same time slowly pulling the backing further off downwards.

Do you prefer printed instructions? You can download them here.

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In the video's from Styling by ManonBy Kaar and Saskia Weerstand and in the instructionvideo below you can see how easy it is to apply our wallpaper.


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