Wall - The wall must be dry, smooth and clean. Level rough surfaces, holes and irregularities beforehand. In designs with light colors, colors and spots on the wall may show through. These color differences must first be removed. Pencil on the wall can react with the wallpaper glue and stain light wallpaper, also remove this beforehand. Do not apply the wallpaper over old wallpaper.

Wallpapering - With a roller or brush, apply the wallpaper glue evenly to the wall and apply the dry sheets to the pre-glued wall. For example, you can use Perfax Pink for this. The glue should be applied to the wall at a width of slightly more than one sheet. Place the first sheet perpendicular to this and press with a wallpaper spatula or rubber roller to remove any air bubbles. You can also do it gently with your hands by rubbing it downwards, the advantage of this is that you will notice when you have glue on your hands. Apply all subsequent sheets joining the next one, so not over each other.

Please note: Remove any glue stains immediately with a wet cloth or sponge and then pat dry.

More information can be found on our FAQ-page.


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